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Cute Attitude Whatsapp Status For Girls n Boys । Girls Status For Whatsapp

Young youth mostly seached about  Whatsapp Status For Girls and Whatsapp Status For Boys in WhatsApp. Boys continuously need amendment and that’s why they update their standing often. thus if you're searching for some distinctive quite standing for boys then our latest cool attitude status for boys can assist you. Below you may realize the boys status, boys attitude status, attitude status in Hindi for boys n girls, boys whatsapp status, cool status for boys and lots of additional status.

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Whatsapp Status For Girls

Whatsapp Status For Girls, Whatsapp Status For Boys

Every boys have their own angle and wish to indicate in their own vogue, Here we've compiled whatsapp standing for baby boy, best Whatsapp Status For Girls, Whatsapp Status For Boys, Boys Quotes and love standing for boys in English. you'll be able to use & share with anyone.

Whatsapp Status For Boys

3 dreams of a man: To be as handsome as his mother thinks.
To be as wealthy as his kid believes.To have as many ladies
as his partner suspects.

My vogue My angle..
Popular standing for Boys

Don’t decide my decisions, if
you don’t perceive my reasons.

When guys get jealous, it’s truly rather cute.
When women get jealous, war III is close to start!

A man isn't careful till he
buys a brand new car and a white shirt.

A real man could be a man that may overlook each alternative
female as a result of all his attention is already on one…Bad Boys


When a woman cancels a date she cancels it as a result of she has to…
But once associate degree boy cancels a date he cancels it as a result of he has 2.

My kids square measure a blessing
and they build my life value living!

I have been hit onerous with the ‘Your
kids can end up a bit like you’ curse.

Wishing you all the most effective during this exciting
new stage of your lives together with your new baby.

New tiny arrival – massive joy! I’m positive
your second baby boy (girl) is georgeous.

Attitude status for boys in Hindi | Boys Attitude Status

Haskar Kiya Kam Apki Pehchan Badhata Hai
Ramdev Baba Wala Noodles
Kisi Aur Ne Mana Liya Ho
Re Chhori Tu Hamari ke Barabari Karegi
Kash Tum Sim Hotey

Teri Mohabbat mein..
Aur meri fitrat mein..
Fark sirf itna hai,
K tera attitude nahi jata..
Aur mujhe jhukna nahi aata.

Kutte bhonkte hai..
Zinda hone ka ehsas dilane k liye,
Jungle ka sanata..
Sher ki mauzudgi baya karta hai.

Cool attitude status for Boys

Aise koi ladki nahi bani,
jo hame maarne kaa irada bhi rakhe.

Shukar MaaN Ke Maine tere se kabi ‘Mulaakat’ Nhi Ki,
WarNaa Tere DiL Ko to TerE KhilaaF Krr DeTa….

Sher khud apni takat se Raja hota hai, Jangal mein Voting nhi hote.

Na Block kiya tha aur Na kabhi karenge..
Tuje to apna photo aur status dikha-dikha ke jalayenge.

Naam Is Liye Ucha Hai Hmara Kyuki
Hum Badla Nahi Badlav Lane Ki Sochte Hai..

beauty in the skin & Attitude in the bone!..

(Sad status in Hindi for Boys)

Humne toh kisi ko nahi kiya begana,
Jiska dil bhrta gya wo hume chhodta gaya

Chhodo na yaar kya rkha h sunne or sunane me
Kisi ne kasar nahi chhodi dil dukhane mein..!!!

Bepanah mohabbat ka ek hi vasool hai,
Mile ja na mile tu har haal me Kabol hai!!

Log kehte hai ki Ishq ek bar hoti hain Lekin mai
jab use dekta ho mujhe Ishq her bar hota hai..

(Love status for Boys)

Love is more than my live and my love is you.

Real happiness is once you marry a woman for love and establish later she has immeasurable cash.

No matter what happens to us everyday spent with you is that the best day of my life.

Tere Didar ke liye aate hai teri galiyon me,
Warna Awargi ke liye to pura shaher pada hai.

Umar se to mai chota hu lakin
Bade-Bade Aashiq muje salam thokte Hai…


Hope these Boys Status with complete angle can assist you to indicate your yo yo, be involved to urge additional standing for boys and boys attitude status.

(Best Status and Quotes assortment)

Whatsapp status and Whatsapp Quotes Latest Collections -

Whatsapp Status For Girls

Whatsapp Status For Girls, Whatsapp Status For Boys
Whatsapp Status For Girls

Girls are searching for the best Whatsapp standing for women or Girly standing than below we've collected some distinctive forms of Girls status. These standing reflects the cool & awful temperament of women. thus women what square measure you expecting, update your standing currently with attitude standing in Hindi for lady, cute Whatsapp Status For Girls, women whatsapp standing, lady angle standing in Hindi and lots of additional.

(Whatsapp Status For Girls In English)

Every lady have its own angle and behavior, some faux to be cool, funny, hot, cute, lovely, spectacular or alternative, thus to stay dead mind we've created this post and chosen the awful lady standing for whatsapp, you'll be able to share these attitude Whatsapp Status For Girls with anyone on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Hike, Instagram and alternative social media platform you would like.

Cute girl whatsapp status, whatsapp status for girls in english, romantic whatsapp status for girlfriend, whatsapp status for a girl, cute status for girls, cute status for girl -

Be a woman with a mind, a bitch
with associate degree attitude, and a girl with category.

Dear Guys, once we place our head on your
chest we wish you to place your arms around us.

(Whatsapp Status For Girls)

Log Ham se jal rahe hai…Lagta hai
apne sikke bhe Is seher me chal rahe hai..

Na chhuri rakhta hu,or Na pistol rakhta hu,
DILWALO ka beta hu bas dil me jigar rakhta hu!…

Maa Jab b mere layi dua karti hai,
Raste ki her Tohkre muje salam karti hai..

Har Kisi Ke Hath Me Bik Jane Ko Taiyar Nahi Hain Ye,
Mera Dil Hian, Tere Shahar Ka Akhbar Nahi…!!

Best Whatsapp Status to impress a Girl | Girl impress status

(Girls Whatsapp Status)

Whatsapp Status For Girls, Whatsapp Status For Boys
Whatsapp Status For Girls

Attitude status in Hindi for Girl | Whatsapp Status For Girls 

(Attitude status in for Girl)

Maa Jab b mere layi dua karti hai,
Raste ki her Tohkre muje salam karti hai..

Cute status for girls, cute status for girl, status for whatsapp for girl, cute status for girl in english, cute status for girls in english, girls status for whatsapp, fb status for girl, facebook girl status, girl life status, girls life status -

Teri Ego Toh 2 Din Ki Kahani Hai
But Meri
Akad Toh Khandaani Hai.

!Shukar MaaN Ke Maine tere se kabi ‘Mulaakat’
Nhi Ki, WarNaa Tere DiL Ko to TerE KhilaaF Krr DeTa.


Dikhti Hu cute Rehti Hu mute.. Isliya
log Kehte hai you have So much attitude..

Kai Saalo Baad Uska Phone Aaya Toh..
Maine Baaton Baaton Mein Kaha –
Kuchh Jhooth Hi Bol Do…
Woh Muskura Kar Bole –
Tumhari Yaad Bohat Aati Hai…

(Cute status for Girl)

Sweetest Proposal by a K.G class Boy:
Boy: Kya tu mujhse shadi kalegi?
Gal: Nahi
Boy: Kalle na plz
Gal: Nahi mai nahi kalungi.
Boy: Kallo na Didi plz.

(Cool whatsapp status for Girl)

(Funny status for Girl)

GIRL:I Love u…
BOY: Me too!!!
GIRL: Kitna pyar karte ho mujh se?
BOY: Jitna tum kerti ho
GIRL: Dafa hojao mai samajhti thi tum mujse sacha pyar karte ho.

BOY: 15 minutes k bad woh train aane wali he Jo mujhe tum se boht door le jayegi.
Kia tum apni zuban se koi esa lafz ada nhi kr skti Jis se mujhe umeed ki koi kiran nazar aye.
GIRL: Ye Wall Clock 30 minutes aage hai.

(Girls Status For Whatsapp)

Jab Apni Hi Aankhe Band Ho
Tab Andhere Ka Kya Kasoor!!

Hum jaise tanha logon ka ab rona kya muskana kya
Jab chahne wala koyi na ho to jeena kya mar jana kya.

Tum Se Bichhad K Fark Bas Itnaa Huaa.
Tera Gya Kuch Nhi Or Mera Rha Kuch Nhi.

Try not to be the lady that needs a man; folks take favorable position of those individuals. Be the lady a man needs.

Once in a while I want to be a young lady once more, in light of the fact that wounded knees recuperate quicker than broken hearts.

Regardless of what has occurred. Regardless of what you've done.
Regardless of what you will do. I will dependably cherish you. I swear it.

Roses are red, violets are blue, love never entered my thoughts till the day I met you.

You don't simply quit inclination something for somebody since you begin feeling something for.

I cherish my life since it gave me you, I adore you since you are my life.

Each young lady has the right to be dealt with like a princess.

Girl : I have altered my perspective.
Boy : Thank God! Does the enhanced one work?

Each young lady is a holy messenger. Try not to dawdle in choosing one of a kind. Rather invest energy in getting them.

The best things you can accomplish for a young lady are the little things that let her know she's in your heart and at the forefront of your thoughts.

Adores being single and not offering an explanation to anyone,
doing what ya need, who ya need, when ya need!!!

Ladies resemble stars, there are a large number of them out there, however just one can make your fantasies work out as expected.


When you adore me like that, I dissolve into nectar. Lets be sweet together.

Preferable to be solid over beautiful and futile.

Being profoundly adored by somebody gives you quality while adoring somebody profoundly gives you fortitude.

On the off chance that you cherish your young lady from a heart, you will gladly hold her turn in broad daylight.


A young lady won't remain ruler of her sweetheart be that as it may, she will remain princess of her father.

My greatest worry in life is entirely
my online companions can be educated regarding my death..!!

Reason me … . Plesae void your
pockets … . I think you stole my heart.

Treat me like a ruler and I'll treat you like a lord. Be that as it may in the event that you treat me like a game, I'll demonstrate to you how its played.

"Ladies are more astute than men on the grounds that they know less and see more."

A shrewd young lady kisses yet doesn't love, tunes in in any case, doesn't accept, and leaves before she is left…

(Cute Girl Whatsapp Status, Whatsapp Status For Girls In English)

Treat yourself as a ruler, and you'll pull in a lord! treat yourself as a ruler, and you'll pull in a lord!

I appreciate when individuals show Attitude to me in light of the fact that it demonstrates that they need an Attitude to awe me!

At the point when a young lady reveals to you that in all seriousness, this implies there is still enough space for another kid on top!

The most grounded among us are the ones who grin through quiet agony cry away from public scrutiny and take on conflicts no one thinks about.

What do you do when the one in particular who can make you stop
crying is the person who is making you cry?

We hope these Whatsapp Status For Girls will help you to stand different from others. We will be back with more latest status updates for your, be intouch to get more awesome girls whatsapp status in Hindi, English and WhatsApp Dp Photo and many more.

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