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Ideal Collections Of Whatsapp Quotes Status On Love, Life Or Attitude In Hindi And English

Whatsapp Quotes Status : Whatsapp messages interfaces individuals to one another just as keeps you refreshed with most recent and crisp status, that mirrors your character. We realize that Whastapp is the best correspondence medium today, which notoriety is expanding step by step and gives a language free stage so you can utilize any status in your ideal language. On the off chance that you are searching for best Whatsapp Quotes Status, cool whatsapp messages, miserable whatsapp messages or a sort of covert agent whatsapp messages, at that point we can guarantee you that here you will discover crisp and most recent gathering of best your ideal whatsapp messages in mass which will assist you with wishing your companions, family, and others. So prepare to appreciate with the best Whatsapp messages and statements and offer your sentiments with your friends and family. Our Whatsapp Quotes Status additionally serve you demonstrate your coolness, love and disposition to others which can assist you with shining among your companion circle. 

There are a large number of Whasapp clients who are looking for latest Whatsapp sms to content their companions. Here we can guarantee you that our Whatsapp Quotes Status and statements will interface you with others. Truth be told, associate with as well as let you sparkle on their heart with an alternate creative mind of character. Our each send Whatsapp Quotes Status contains clear and profound importance inside. 

Whatsapp Quotes Status

So, here are the latest collections of Whatsapp Quotes Status, Whatsapp Status Quotes On Love, Whatsapp Status Quotes On Life, Whatsapp Quotes For Status, Whatsapp Status Quotes On Attitude, Whatsapp Status Quotes On Life In Hindi and Whatsapp Status Quotes English below.

Whatsapp Quotes Status, Whatsapp Quotes For Status
Whatsapp Quotes Status

Whatsapp ek masti hai
Call se sasti hai
Neend ko udati hai
Khoon ko badati hai
Dimag ko pakati hai
Par kuch bhi ho
ek doosre ki yaad to dilati hai.


“Nasha Mohabbat” ka ho
“Sharab” ka ho ….ya
“Whats App” ka ho.
“Hosh” teeno mein kho jate hai
“Farak” sirf itna hai ki,
“Sharab” saala deti hai…
“Mohabbat” rula deti hai,
“Whats App” yaaro ki yaad dila deti hai…!
Dedicated to all my lovely friends.


Earthquake Aane Pe Ghabrayein Mat… Yeh Karein
1. Turant Apna Facebook Status Update Karein
2. Bhaag Ke Jaan Bachayein
3. Bahar Aake Bheed Ke Saath Ek Selfie Lein
4. Bhale Hi Apni Fati Padi Ho But Khud Ko Cool Show Karein, Ghabrayein Mat, Doosro Par Hanse

Ki Saale Kaisa Bhaaga Tu
Janhit Mein Jaari!

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Whatsapp Status Quotes On Love

Lips se lips milty hain to kia hota hai ..?
Aye hayee
Munh band ho jata hai or kia
Soch badlne ki bht zyada zarurat hai tum logo ko


Ye ban-van Maggi tak to thik hai, agar kisi ne pani puri ki
taraf Aankh bhi uthai to kasam se dange ho


Aey larkion suno Apne roop per itna garor
na kero…
Yeh bus 2 din ki hasti hai…
Tumare moun per tab tak masti hai…
tak Fair & Lovely sasti hai.


full enjoy kiya msg
Boys agar ladki do din pyaar se baat kare.. aur fir achaanak
baat karna band kar de.. toh samajh lo.. uski
boyfriend se sulah ho gayi hai.


Dedicated to All Students .. :'( —>
Dil tod shayari:

Koyle k khan se Hira kaise nikalu

wah wah.

Koyle k khan se Hira kaise nikalu

Gaur farmaiyega ki koyle k khan se hira kaise nikalu

INTERNAL me hi fail hu,
To SALA semester kaise sambhalu..?

Whatsapp Status Quotes On Life

Here we are giving a tremendous gathering of one of a kind Whatsapp Status messages, which is by and large extremely prominent in this bubbly season. The year is going to end and you would search for new year whatsapp messages so with us you may duplicate and use as your internet based life stage status. It is a language autonomous stage so you can utilize any status in your ideal language.

1. For what reason do ladies spend so much time on improving their LOOKS  and not their MIND?
Since they know that men are STUPID but not BLIND.

2. An extraordinary man stated, regardless I use Pythagorus hypothesis of 30, 60, 90 to take care of most troublesome issues of life. Just distinction is, 'degrees' have been supplanted by 'ml' 30ml, 60ml, 90ml!.

3. Didn't have liquor for seven days and got a text from my liver,
"Bhai, mar gaya kya?!"

4. Positive reasoning poem little winged bird in the sky dropping poop into ur eye u dont stress u dont cry, u simply thank god that cows don't fly.

5. When it rains the couples response – wow what a romantic  wheather lovng it <3






Singles – kya sala her jagah panipani,

pura keechad ho gya ..

6. I'm desirous my folks, I'll never have a child as cool as theirs.

7. The main reason I am fat in light of the fact that a small body couldn't store this character.

8. There comes a point throughout everyday life, when you understand who truly matters, who never did, and who dependably will.

9. Galileo: Great Mind,

Einstein: Genius Mind,

Newton: Extraordinary Mind,

Bill Gates: Splendid Mind,

ME: Never Mind.

10. Dear Math, if it's not too much trouble grow up and tackle your very own issues, I'm burnt out on illuminating them for you.

11. I appreciate when individuals show Attitude to me since, it demonstrates that they need an Attitude to awe me!

12. In the event that I had a pound for each time I got suspicious… I'd wonder who the f&*k was paying me, and why?

13. I need to be your tear. Conceived in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and kick the bucket on your lips.

14. I want to be a teddy bear, that lay upon your bed, so everytime you nestled it, you snuggled me.

15. Light ventures quicker than sound. This is the reason a few people seem splendid until they talk.

16. I got msg on WhatsApp: Bored woman in your city searching for some hot activity.

So I sent her my garments that should have been pressed!

17. Question during bank officials meet : What are Mutual funds ?

Candidate : Sir, Mutual funds are subject to market risks.
Read the offer documents carefully before investing …!
Questioner (with shoe in his grasp).

18. A man asks a mentor in the rec center: I need 2 inspire that lovely young lady,

which machine would i be able to utilize?

Mentor answers: "Utilize the ATM"

19. Contact it delicately, put two fingers inside, if it's wide utilize three fingers, ensure it's wet and rub here and there. That's right that is the way you wash a cup.

20. Young ladies use photoshop to look excellent..

Young men use photoshop to demonstrate their innovativeness.

21. My greatest worry in life is entirely my online companions can be educated regarding my death..!!

Whatsapp Quotes For Status

22. Individuals who exercise live more, yet what's the moment that those additional years are spent at rec center.

23. Is there much else unbalanced than when you are chiming in to a tune on youtube and the music quits stacking.

24. I found I shout a similar way whether I'm going to be eaten up by an extraordinary white shark or if a bit of ocean growth contacts my foot.

25. A TV can affront your insight, however nothing rubs it in like a PC.

26. How individuals compose an auto life story?

I would barley be able to recollect what I had for lunch yesterday.

27. Dear Google, Please quit carrying on like a GIRL. Will you it would be ideal if you enable me to finish the entire sentence before you begin speculating and proposing.

28. A companion is somebody who can see reality and torment in you notwithstanding when you are tricking every other person.

29. A decent companion would safeguard you out of prison yet your closest companion would be the one sitting alongside you saying, damn that was cool.

30. That great minute when you're lying and your closest companion notification and goes along with you.

31. Counterfeit companions are around when they believe you're cool.

Genuine companions are around notwithstanding when they believe you're trick.

32. It is anything but difficult to acquire. Kinship is difficult to get; well off deteriorates ordinary yet our companionship will ever acknowledge and be there until the end of time.

33. In the case of winning isn't all that matters for what reason do they keep track of who's winning.?

34. A young man asked his dad, "Daddy, what amount does it cost to get hitched?" Father answered, "I don't know child, despite everything i'm paying."

35. Men have two feelings: Hungry and Horny. In the event that you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

36. The tolerance of a mother may be compared to a container of toothpaste, it's never fully all gone.

37. Continuously wear charming night wear to bed you'll never know who you will meet in your fantasies.

38. Each romantic tale is wonderful
in any case, our own is my top choice.

39. Preferred to b alone over being
wid sme1 who makes u feel alone…

40. Anybody can grab your attention, however it takes somebody extraordinary to get your heart.

41. Chilly climate is the ideal reason for embracing.

42. I adore fall and winter on the grounds that it gives us more motivations to nestle!

43. I thought to simply relax this
winter however at this point I m really chilling.

44. *Winter* Couples: We are going to nestle and cuddle like there is no tomorrow. Me: *stares at pillow* You cherish me right?

45. Test your left mind -




Speculation the Ship Name.

No one but virtuoso can reply


The name of the Ship is "The thing that"

The last line says.. "What" is the name of the Ship.

46. Would u be able to Tell Me..

What happens!

Once in a Year,

Once in a Day,

Yet, never in a Week ?

Answer: Alphabet 'A'

47. A little workshop to the BRAIN on a WET day : a similar letter is missing multiple times in each word. Fill the spaces.

48. When you see a falling star in night, make a desire, it will work out as expected b'coz I wished and I discovered you.

49. My affection for you resembles a fart. So that Everything about it is fueled by my heart.

50. "Estimation of connection" isn't that the amount you feel content with somebody . . However, it is that so how much somebody feels ALONE without you!

51. Why stress over things you can't change?
Give up and proceed onward, in light of the fact that LIFE isn't pausing.

52. Prior individuals used to evacuate their caps to give regard and our new age expels earphones to give regard!

53. SINDHI bhai opened Sweets shop and gave a commercial..!

Aide required,

Qualification:- Must have diabetes!

54. I think of the best thoughts when sitting on the latrine at that point overlook them after the flush.

55. Disregard what hurt you previously. In any case, always remember what it educated you.

56. Another person is content with
not as much as what you have.

57. There is no cost in market for YOUR EMOTIONS, so never publicize your FEELINGS simply show YOUR ATTITUDE.

58. Individuals cry not on the grounds that they are powerless, It's since they've been solid for a really long time.

Whatsapp Status Quotes On Attitude

59. The best torment that originates from adoration, is cherishing somebody who are not here..

60. One Of The Difficult Things In Life Is Having The Words In Your Heart That You Can Not Speak to anybody..

61. "Your reasons are not all that much than the falsehoods your apprehensions have sold you."

62. Now and then we should be:

Hurt – In request to develop,

Fall flat – In request to know,

Lose – In request to pick up,

A few exercises are found out best through agony.

63. Sunny Leone landed at a Railway Station for a shooting…

Bhikhari: "Behanji 1 rupiya dedo… "

Sunny Loene gave him 1000 Rs.

Secretary: "Why u gave him 1000 Rs..?"

Sunny Loene: "Pehli bar kisine behan kaha hai… dil bhawuk ho gaya.

64. Sunny Leone to cab driver Airport chaloge??

Driver-Haan chalunga… .

Sunny Leone-Kya loge ?

Driver-Gareeb Aadmi hoon behenji, Paise hee lunga.

65. Our ways may change as life comes, yet the bond between Us remains ever solid…

66. When I miss you I re-read our old discussions and smile like a simpleton.

67. Nothing ruins the target in excess of a hit.

68. It's not how we commit errors,
in any case, how we right them that characterize us.

69. I have never wished to take into account the group; for what I realize they don't affirm, and what they endorse I don't have the foggiest idea.

70. As virus water and warm iron remove the wrinkles of garments.
A cool personality and warm heart takes out the stresses of life…

71. It's not how we commit errors,
in any case, how we right them that characterize us.

72. Needing you is simple missing you is hard.
Wanting to be with me enveloped with my arms.
Always consider you when we are separated.
I have the lock you have the way to my heart.

73. The issue isn't the issue; the issue is your demeanor about the issue.

74. On the off chance that dawdling was an Olympic occasion ,I'd contend in it later.

75. You treated me like an choice so I left you like a decision.

76. My adoration is certified that is certain, as is yours, white and unadulterated.

Your adoring grin on that pretty face, nobody will ever have your spot!

77. I will never come close you to an excellent rose, in light of the fact that the rose shrivels in a couple of days, yet you are splendid and lovely for eternity.

78. I am glad to have you as my better half. Much thanks to you for your help and trusting in me. Be that as it may, before this, I have been your reliable number one fan!
I cherish you.

79. Try not to be happy. I don't Really pardon individuals, I simply imagine like it's alright and trust that my turn will demolish them.

Whatsapp Status Quotes English

Whatsapp Quotes Status, Whatsapp Quotes For Status
Whatsapp Quotes Status

80. Indeed, even romeo went from being "seeing someone" "it's convoluted".


82. My heart was miserable, desolate and wiped out yet then you came, mended it and filled it with much satisfaction. I cherish you my life.

83. To live, I need air, forever I need a heartbeat To have a decent heart I need love, And to feel adored, I need YOU!

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84. I adore you to an extreme, my heart is certain, As clock ticks by, affection you more, Your cherishing smile, sprightly face, nobody will ever have your spot.

85. I simply needed to tell you that I believe you're astonishing and I can't quit contemplating you!

86. Considering you is simple, I do it consistently. Missing you is the anguish that never leaves.

87. I can't put anybody above you yet I can put myself above you,
not to be an ace but rather to be your shield and dependably ensure you.

88. Regardless of what has occurred. Regardless of what you've done. Regardless of what you will do. I will dependably adore you. I swear it.

89. I cherish you more today than yesterday yet I adore you less today than I will tomorrow.

90. Consistently, Every hour, Every moment, and Every second. I cannot quit Thinking of You!

91. I cherish you presently like I've adored you when we initially met, you are the other a large portion of that makes me entirety.

92. Being somebody's first love might be incredible, yet to be their last is past flawless.

93. Never Tell Ur Problems to Anyone.

20% won't Care


80% will be Glad that U have Them.

94. 2 Things brings Happiness and Success in Life:

1: The manner in which U Manage

at the point when U have Nothing.


2: The manner in which U Behave

at the point when U have Everything.

95. What is SUCCESS ?

SUCCESS is, when Ur Photo's
are Uploaded on 'GOOGLE' rather than Whatsapp.

96. You are the beat in my heart, the music in my giggling, the tears in my eyes. You are my entire world.

97. Simply the idea of you lights up my morning, carries grins to my night and fills my heart with joy.

98. Love the existence you live.
Carry on with the existence you cherish.

Whatsapp Status Quotes On Life In Hindi

Didn’t have alcohol for a week and got a text from my liver,
“Bhai, mar gaya kya?!”

Pancho khali sthan par ek hi shabd rakhna h whats app sms
Chup ho kis wajha se hamen Maloom nai magr,
Dil doob sa jata hai jb tum bakwas ni krte

Ek Din Me Us k Sath Gaya Date Par,
Phir Usne Apni Birthday Pe Bulaya Gate Par,
Ham Ne Kuch Baten ki Beth Kar,
Us k Bhai Ki Hat Gai Hame Dekh kar,
Phir Usne Mujhe Chamat Diya Khench kar,
Phir Laat Maari Mere Pet Pr,
Ek Hafte Tak Me Leta Raha Bed Par,
Ab Kabhi Nahi Jaonga Date Par.

Ladkiyan ek dusre ko gift deti hai;
perfume,earing ,suits,flowers ,chocolets.
Aor ladka???
Ye le ladki ka number,bus mera naam nahi
aana chahiye.

Karuna par sms wth image
Us bewafa ki yaad me jam hathon me utha liya
.phir lagaya bread pe aur fatafat khaa lia:-)
Moral: sab aashiq sharabi nahi hoty kuch meethy k b shoqen hoty he.

When it rains
the couples reaction – wow
what a romantic weather loving it <3
Singles – kya sala her jagah panipani,
pura keechad ho gya ..

Dedicated To All Gals Who Broke Up Wid Their Bf’s
Arz Kiya Hai
Kya Hua Wo Bewafa Nikla To
Mat Bura Kaho Usko
Tum Humse Set Ho Jao Ab Dafa Kro Usko.

Whatsapp Quotes For Status Messages


Aache dost ko ruthane per hamesha manana chahiye kyonke
wo kamene hamare sare razz… jante hote hai

Chinta na karo hamesha Kush Raho..!
Zindgi ka pata nahi kab ruk jaye ,Is lye Apna Supne Jaldi pure kore..

Fiqr kar uski jo apki fiqr kre, Vase
to zindgi mai bhut hai hamdard Insaan.

Dosti phul se karoge toh mehek jaoge,Barish se karoge toh
bhig jaoge,suraj se karoge toh jal jaoge,mujse karoge toh bigad
jaoge, aur nai karoge toh kaha jaoge. mi esa kya kahu apne bf se ki wo mere pyar mi pagl ho jay.

Zindagi chain sey guzar jaye
Agar wo zehan sey utar jaye.

Koi phoolo se krta h pyar koi kaanto
se hum unse krte h pyar jo hum se krte h pyar.

Hum to aaj bhi apane hunar me dum rakhate hai
chaa jate hai rang jb mahfile me kadam rakhate hai.

Chahta to tumhe do pal me hi
apna bna leta..par kam ke karn busy tha..

Yaaro Ki Mehfil Aise Jamai Jati Hai,
Kholne Se Pehle Botal Hilai Jati Hai.

Whatsapp Quotes Status Sms

Indian is the country of festivals and people generally want to give their well wishes to their close people in a different collection of words. Our Whatsapp sms are very much helpful for those people because we have a large collection of Whatsapp Quotes For Status for all the festivals and occasions celebrate in India.


Me: pata hai tu mere liye kitni important hai?
GF: kitni?
Me: Tata Namak jitni, Toothpaste se lekar Dinner
tak bas tu hi tu.

Kafi hai husn dil ko behlane ke liye,
mohabbat karlo dil ko dukhane ke liye,
chahe bhale paray ghum se vasta,
ek hum jaisa dost rakhna sab ghamon ko bhulanay k liye

Koe mila hi nahi jis ko wafa date.
Her ik ne dokha diya kis kis ko saza dete.
ye humara zarf tha k khamosh rahe
dastan sunate to mehfil ko rula dete.

Rok Do Mere Janaze Ko ZaLimo,
Mujh Mein JaaN aa Gai Hai,
PeeChe Mud K Dekho KaMeeNo,
CiGrette Ki DuKaan aaGai Hai.

Baat hi baat mein kun log badal jate hain
kya huwa itna bhi kun sasta bahal jate hain
wade par wade hi kun roz kiye jate ho
kya sabhi kaam sada aise bhi chal jate hain
be rukhi par bhi tumhari hai muhabat tum se
ishq ki rasi ke kab jal ke bhi bal jate hain.

Aur kya kuch chahiye ab dastaan k waste
soch likh di hai ik meharban k waste
apni tanhai se hadd ka piyar hai mujh ko tu phr
khud se hi batein karun tere guman k waste.

Kya kahun tujhko? Khwab kahun to toot jayega,
dil kahun to bikhar jayega
Sochta hun tera naam zindagi rakh loon,
maut se pehle to tera saath chuut na payega.

Wo Jo Humare Liye Khas Hote He
Jinke Liye DIL Me Ehsas Hote He
Chahe Waqt Kitna B Dur Kar De Unhe
Par Dur RehKar bhi Wo DIL Ke Pas Hote He.

Aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo,
Aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo,
Aaj thori khushi aur bant lo,
Aaj ek sms aur kar lo,
Aaj bas aaj, kya pata kal
balance ho na ho….

Suraj Ki Pehli Kiran Me Saaton Rang Ho
Baagon Me Phoolon Ki Khushboo Sang Ho
Aap Jab Bhi Khole Apni Palken,
Aapke Chehre Pe HOLI Ka Rang Ho.

Pehle w0 Mri GirlFrnd thi
Me Bolta or w0 Sunti thi
Phir w0 Mri Mangetr bani
w0 Bolti or Me Sunta tha
Ab w0 Mri BV hy
Hm 2no Bolte hn
Pura MOHALA snta hy….

Hum Toh Tujhe Chahte Hai Har Pal
Tu Bhi Apne Hone Ka Haq Jata De
Kuchh Aur Nahin Toh Kar Itna Karam
Jahan Tu Yaad Na Aaye Wo Jagah Bata De.

Tumse door rehkar tumhe MISS kiya hamne
Tumhare liye God se WISH kiya humne
Tumhari YAAD jab ayi to
Bade pyar ke sath SMS kiya hamne

Phooloan se kya dosti karte ho,
Phool to murjha jaate hain.
Aggar dosti karni hai to kaanton se karo,
Kyun ki woh chubh kar bhi yaad aatein hain…

For Pepsi Ranbir
For Coke Aamir
For Mirinda Asin
For Fanta Genelia
For Slice Katrina
For Thums up Salman
Aur Ganne Ke Ras ke liye Admin ko Chunna hai!

Mobile ek MANDIR hai;
Whatsapp uska DEVTA;
Group Banane Wala PUJARI;
Message Bhejne Wala DANI;
Padhane wala BHAKT;
Aur Reply Na Karne Wala…

Group Members Chahe Kaise Bhi Ho: Awaara, Pagal aur ya fir Deewane.
Par Jab Unke Message Aate Hai to Chehre pe Muskaan Jaroor Aati Hai.
Tab Mehsus Hota Hai Ki Saale, Tedhe hein Par Mere hai!

Aao Aaj Apko Mobile Pe Whatsapp Pe Film Dikhate Hain...


The End!

Yeh Thi Rajesh Khanna Ki super-hit film
Thank you Mat Bolna!

Whatsapp Quotes Status Funny Messages

Funny Whatsapp Quotes Status messages and SMS for your Whatsapp status, is being extremely popular in India. People use this kind of messages to make other laugh. We are sure that You and Your friends would surely like our fresh collection of funny messages. Check out here for all Whatsapp Quotes For Status select any the best one of your choice.


1 Apple… No Doctor
1 Tulsi Patta… No Cancer
1 Nimbu… No Fat
1 Glass Milk… No Bone Problms
3 Ltr Water… Skin Saaf
Daily Whatsapp… No stress, Mood fresh

Me : Watsapp pe kyu nahi ho. . . ?
Gf : Aise Hi
Me : To install karo na. .!
Gf : ek shart par..
Me : Kya. . . . . ?
Gf : Tum mujhe apna watsapp ka
password bataoge….!
cant stop laughing.

Mujhe ek ladki ka Whatsapp pe msg aya…!!
Aur boli apni pics Whatsapp Profile pe mat
dala karo….!!
I said why?
Then she said: Lipstick se mera Smartphone
ganda ho jata hai…

Whatsapp Messages in Hindi

We are providing here best Whatsapp Quotes Status msg all the occasion celebrated in India. So if you want to wish anyone in Hindi, English or in any other language you can easily do that. That’s not enough, in fact our Whatsapp Quotes For Status are extremely unique then others which let you excel among your colleagues and friend circle.

Whatsapp Dare Messages

Whatsapp Quotes Status, Whatsapp Quotes For Status
Whatsapp Quotes For Status

Whatsapp Quotes Status dare messages is the new concept launch by us that will help you to show your daring personality to your friends, relatives and others. You can check our festive thoughts and ideas with every single person you want to connect with. We have huge collection of best Whatsapp messages, pictures, Whatsapp Quotes For Status and ideas.

1. M — L—RI—
2. DI—MI— —
3. — INI—U—
4. A — TE — —A
5. BA— — A— E
6. R—L—AS—
7. —U — — IES
8. A — — RAC—
9. CHA— — I —
10. — AXI — U—


Whatsapp Quotes Status Messages Collection -

Gujarati Whatsapp quotes for Whatsapp Quotes Status are most commonly explored by the people who lives in the Gujrat to communicate. With our amazing Whatsapp quotes you will be able to explain your love with the perfect use of characters because we provide huge collection new love, cool, attitude and other kind of Whatsapp Quotes For Status.

Zindagi ki rahon mein jab aage aage jaoge, Peeche
ek saya tum har dum paoge, Mudke dekhoge to tanhai
hogi, Agar mehsoos karoge to hum ko paoge…

Phone ke rishte bhi ajib hote hai. Balance rakhkar bhi log
garib hote hai Khud to msg karte nahi hai, Muft ke msg padhne
ke kitne shauqin hote hai…

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Sukhe Patte Ko Bhi Mil Rahi Hai Zindagi Hawaao Se,
Ekraar-e-Mohabbat Ne Jahan Ka Mosam Badal Diya.

Har aahat humara ehsas dilaye gi,
Har hawa kissa sunaye gi,
Itni yadein bhar dein gey app ki zindagi main,
Na chahtay howay bhi app ko humari yaad ayey gi…

ALL Happy Husbands Behave Like Amir Khan In Ghajini –
Biwi Ki Sunte Hain,
Samajhte Hain,
15 Minute Ke Baad Sab BhooL Jaate Hain.

Parlok mein rajiv gandhi ko achanak hansi aa gai,
indira gandhi ne puchha: kya hua?
Rajiv: sonia se shadi maine ki par bhugat manmohan singh raha hai.!

Sardar wounded in an accident goes to a doc
Dr:Stitches lagana padenge
Sarder:Kitne paise ..
Dr- 3000 Rs
Sardar: Sir stiches lagwana hai, embroidery nahi karwani.

Whatsapp Quotes Status nice messages -

Whatsapp nice messages and greetings are being an extremely searched item across the country. So here we would like to offer some latest Whatsapp Quotes For Status  available in different languages like Hindi, Marathi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi etc. You can share them as your festive thoughts and ideas with every single person you want to connect with.


Qayamat toot padti hai zara se hoth hilne par
na jaane kya hashr hoga agar vo muskuraye to.


Tum mano Na Mano hm yaad karenge tum sMJho na
sMJho huM aitbaR krege kya kre ya Rishta hi kuch esa
he tum Msg kR0 ya Na kR0 hM intezaR kaRen


Mujshe mat puch ki kyun
aankhein jhuka li maine..
Teri tasveer thi inn aankhon mein
woh tujhi se chupa li maine..


Dard dilon ke kam ho jaate,
Main aur Tum agar hum ho jaate,


Suna hai aaj us ke ankho me aa gaye Aansoo,
Wo Bachho ko sikha rahi thi mohabbat aise likhte hai.


Sukhe Patte Ko Bhi Mil Rahi Hai Zindagi Hawaao Se,
Ekraar-e-Mohabbat Ne Jahan Ka Mosam Badal Diya


Har din ye dil akela hota hai, Har ek pal uske bina adhura hota hai,
Koi yaad karta h koi bhoola deta hai, Par har ek friend zaroori hota hai.


Hum aise aashiq hain, Jo gulab ko kamal bana denge, uski ek
ada pe gazal bna denge, agar wo aa gaye zindagi main to kasam
se JALANDHAR mai bhi TAJ MAHAL bna denge.

Whatsapp Quotes Status love messages -

Finally Whatsapp love messages and images are ready to be make your day special. We have collected some of the best Whatsapp Quotes Status, quotes, Whatsapp love videos, love Whatsapp quotes and other Whatsapp Messages which will wish your friends automatically who visit your profile. Through our friendship Whatsapp Quotes For Status you can show the strength of your friendship to others.


Fiza mein mehakti sham ho tum, Pyaar mein jhalakta jaam ho tum..
Sine mein chupaye phirte hai hum yaadein tumhari, Isiliye meri Zindagi
ka dusra naam ho tum.


Yeh bhi ek dua hai khuda se, Kisi ka dil na dukhe humari wajah se.
Aye khudakar de kuchh aisi inaayat hum pe, Ki khushiyaan hi mile
sabko humari wajah se.


Har ek manzar pe udasi chayi hai, Chand ki Roshni mein bhi kami
aayi hai.. Akele ache they hum apne aashiyane mein, Jaane kyu toot
kar aaj phir aapki yaad aayi hai.


Faasle mita kar aapis mein pyar rakhna, Pyar ka rishta
yu hi barkaraar rakhna.. Bichar jaye kabhi aapse hum,
toh aankhon mein humesha humara intezaar rakhna.


Apni yaadon se kaho ek din ki chutti de mujhe,
Ishq ke hisse mein bhi itwaar hona chahiye..


Aapko jo dekha hmne, mano zindagi mil gayi hai
Aapka pyar paya humne, mano jannat mil gayi hai..

Whatsapp Status Quotes On Life In Hindi

If you Guys are looking for best Whatsapp messages in Hindi to update your profile status on Whatsapp, then we’ll provide you the best collection of Whatsapp sms in your loving language. Hindia is the most used language of Hindia. The statuses you will get here would be fresh and never used before by any status providers.

Whatsapp Quotes Status Hindi -

Mere pyar ki shiddat se tu anjan hai pagli,
Agar hawa bhi tujhe chhu kar guzre to humko jalan hoti hai..


Tadap Rahe Hai Hum Tumse Ek Alfaaz Ke Liye,
Tod Do Apni Khamoshi Hume Zinda Rakhne Ke Liye..


Yeh samaj paao to sab kuch samaj paoge,
Waqt lamhon mein khoob nazar aata hai fir bhi guzar jata hai..


Tod do na wo qasam jo khai hai,
kabhi kabhi yaad kar lene main kya burai hai..


Tu Whatsapp Pe Hai
Me :- Nahi Sorry Main
Whatsapp Pe Nahi Hu, Whatsapp
Mere Phone Me Hai..


Aarju honi chahiye dill me kise ko yad karne
ki.. Lamhe toh apne ap he miljate he dost


Mujhe teri mohabbat ko sahara mil gaya hota..
agar tufan nahi aata kinara mil gaya hota…


Parindon ki fitrat se aaye the vo hamare dil mein,
Zara sa pankh kya nikal aaye ki aashiyana chhod gaye.


Acha banaya ashiyana tumne pyar ka,
Buniyaad le gaye mere ghar ki ukhaad kar..


Itna Aasan Nahi Shaher E Mohabbat Ka Pata..
Khud Bhatkte Firte Hain Yahan Raah Batane Wale..


Barkaraar rakh tu apna honsla har kadam par
Patharon par abhi kismat aajmana baki hai..


Hatheli se sab rait ki tarah fisal raha hai
Jo kabhi jaan girvi rakh ke kharida tha.


Kaash Unko Kabhi Fursat Mein Yeh Khayal Aa Jaye;
Ke Koi Yaad Karta Hai Unhe Zindagi Samajh Kar!


Hans kar dard chupane ki karigari mash hoor hai meri,
Par koi hunar kaam nahi aata jab tera naam aata hai.


Zindagi mein toh woh mehfil se utha dete the
Dekhun ab mar gaye par kaun uthaata hai mujhe.


Mulaqat zaruri hai agar rishte bachane hai,
lagakar bhul aane se to paudhe bhi sukh jaate hain.


Ek hasrat thi ki kabhi vo bhi hume manay
Par yeh kambakht dil unse rootha hi nahi..


Wahi hua na.. tera dil bhar gaya mujhse
Maine kaha bhi tha.. yeh mohabbat nahi kuch dillagi si hai..


Tumne hi karaya tha safar mohabbat ki kashti ka
Ab nazar na churao mujhe dubte dekh kar..!!

Latest Whatsapp Quotes Status -


Wo khud ko phool aur hum ko patthar keh kar muskuraya karte hain,
Unko kya khabar patthar to patthar rehte hain phool hi murjhaya karte hain..


Tanhai To Hai Apni Zindagi Ke Har Ek Pal Se
Chalo Yeh Shikwa Bhi Door Hua Ke Kisi Ne Saath Na Diya.!!


Isse zyada or kya dard de hum apne aap ko!!
Yeh kafi hai ke hum tere bin rahne lage hai.


Itni thokarein dene ke liye shukriya-e-zindagi,
Chalne ka na sahi, sambhalne ka hunar to aa gaya.


Kuch sahi to Kuch Harrah kehte hain,
Log Hume bigda hua nawaab kehte hain,
Hum to badnaam hue Kuch is kadar,
Ki pani bhi peeyein to log sharaab kehte hain.


Aksar log puchte hain kiske liye likhte ho
Aksar dil sochta hai kaash koi hota.


Yeh Zaroori Nahi Ki Har Baat vo Meri Samjhe..
Zaroori Yeh Hai Ki vo Mujhe Kuchh To SamJhe.


Sukhe honthon se hi hoti hain meethi baatein.
Pyas bujh jaye to alfaz or insan dono badal jate hai.


Bahut Rulaya Hai Logon Ne Pyar Ki Khatir Aye Maut.!
Agar Tu Sath De Toh Sabh Ko Rulane Ka Irada Hai Mera


Husn ae mujjassim ho ya sanwli si surat,
Ishq agar ruh se ho to har chehra kamaal lagta hai.


Meri palkon ka ab nind se koi talluk nahi raha,
Mera kaun hai yeh sochne mein raat guzar jati hai.


Kaash Ye Mohabbat Khwab Si Hoti..
Bas Ankh Kholti Aur kissa Khatam…

Whatsapp Quotes Status forward messages -

Sardaar ko uska Sasur joote mar raha tha??
Ek Aadmi: Kyun maar rahe ho is ko…??
Sasur: Maine isko hospital se whatsapp kiya ki ‘Tum Baap Ban Gye Ho
Saale ne usko bhi 50 doston ko forward kar diya…


Banta Ki Tabiyat Bahut Kharab Thi. Wo ICU Mein Bed Pe Leta Marne Wala Tha.
Usne Santa Ko Apne Paas Bulaya Aur Bola.
Banta: Ye Le 1 Lakh Rupaye. Mere Marne Ke Baad Meri Kabar Par 1 Peg Whisky Roz Chidak

Santa: Tu Bura Na Maane To Chidakne Se Pehle Us Whskey Ko Apni Kidney Se Filter Kar Du?


Mat_puchh_kaise guzar rahi hai zindagi,
Us daur se guzar rahi hai jo guzarta hi nahi


Kaise Gujarti hai Meri Har Ek Shaam Tere Bagair,
Agar Tu Dekhle To Kabhi Tanha Na Chhodte Mujhe.


Aaj bhi ek sawaal hai dil mein,
Pyaar ka gum be-shumaar hai dil mein,
kuch keh nahin pata yeh dil magar,
Kisi ke liye bahut pyar hai is dil mein.


Kaun Sa Sher Sunayun Main Tumhe, Sochta Hun
Nya Uljha Hai Bahut Aur Purana Mushkil


Unchi Imaaraton Se Makaan Mera Ghir Gya
Kuch Log Mere Hisse Ka Suraj Bhi Kha Gye


Dil ke Bazaar mein Daulat nahi Dekhi Jati,
Pyar ho jae to Surat nahi Dekhi Jati,
Ek Sathi pe Luta do Sab Kuch,
Kyunki Pasand ho Cheez to Kismat bhi Dekhi nahi Jati..


Jaati Nahi Aankhon Se Surat Teri
Na Jaati Hai Dil Se Mohabbat Teri
Tere Jaane Ke Baad Hota Hai Mehsoos Yoon
Humein Aur Bhi Jyaada Hai Zaroorat Teri.


Ek mehfil mein do taqdeeron ka karaar kho gaya,
Na chahte huye bhi ishq ko husn ka deedar ho gaya,
Is kadar shama se parwane par vaar ho gaya,
Usi pal shola shabnam par nisar ho gaya.


Kya Tareef Karun Aapki Baat Ki,
Har Lafz Mein Jaise Khusboo Ho Gulaab Ki..
Rab Ne Diya Hai Itna Pyara Sanam,
Har Din Tamanna Rehti Hai Mulaqaat Ki..!


Wo bhul gye unhe hasaya kisne tha,
Jab wo ruthe the to manaya kisne tha,
Wo kehte hain Wo bahut ache hai,
Wo bhul gaye hai ki unhe ye bataya kisne tha..

Cool Whatsapp Quotes Status messages -


Sab bhool jata hu aapke siva, ye kya mujhe hua
h Kya isi ehsaas ko duniya ne pyar ka naam dia hain.


Mausam ki khushgawari ka ek hi ishara
hai, Yaadein hain jiski woh yaar humara hain


Picture msg for whatsapp


Agar fursat ke lamho mein mujhe yaad karte ho to iski koi zarurat nahi,
Main tanha zarur ho lekin fizool nahi..


Meri sadiyan bigaad di tumne..
Apne lamhe sanwarne ki khatir..


Wohi Muntazir Nigahien Wohi Sham-e-Gham Ka Aalam..
Hum Azal Se Dekh Rahe Hain Teri Wapsi Ki Raahaien..


Kuch log pasand karne lae hain alfaz mere,
Matlab mohabbat mein barbaad aur bhi hue hain..


Manzilon se gumrah bhi kar dete hain kuch log,
Har kisi se raasta puchna acha nahi hota..


Meri ruh tarasti hai tere khushboo ko,
Tum kahin aur mehko hume yeh gawara nahi..


Dosti ka rista do anjano ko jod deta hai,
Har kadam par zindagi ko naya mod deta hai,
Saccha dost sath deta hai tab,
Jab apna saya bhi sath chod deta hai..


Wada Na Karo Agar Tum Nibha Na Sako,
Chaho Na Usko Jise Tum Pa Na Sako,
Dost To Duniya Mein Bahut Hote Hain,
Par Ek Khas Rakho Jiske Bina Tum Muskura Na Sako..


Apki Dosti Pe Naaz Hai Humein
Kal Tha Jitna Bharosa Utna Aj Hai Humein!
Dost Woh Nahi Jo Khushi Mein Sath De
Dost Wahi Jo Har Pal Apnepan Ka Ehsas De!!!


Dosti Karo To Hamesha Muskura Ke,
Kisi Ko Dhokha na Do Apna Bana Ke,
Kar lo yaad Jab Tak Hum Zinda hain,
Fir na Kehna Chale Gaye Dil Mein Yaadein basa ke.


Dil ke Bazaar mein Daulat nahi Dekhi Jati,
Pyar ho jae to Surat nahi Dekhi Jati,
Ek Sathi pe Luta do Sab Kuch,
Kyunki Pasand ho Cheez to Kismat bhi Dekhi nahi Jati..


Dil hai mera par dhadkan tumhari hai
Kalam meri, likhayi tumhari hai
Saans meri par khushboo tumhari hai
Har ghazal unki,jaan hamari hai ..


Mein Agar Chahun Bhi To Shayad
Na Likh Sakhun Lafzon Ko
Jinhe Padh Kar Tum Samjh Sako Ke
Mujhe Tumse Kitni Mohabbat Hai..


Whatsapp msg for friends


Whatsapp ek masti hai
Call se sasti hai
Neend ko udati hai
Khoon ko badati hai
Dimag ko pakati hai
Par kuch bhi ho
ek doosre ki yaad to dilati hai


Itni Shakti Hume Dena Data…
Ki Kabhi Kisi Girl Ke Samne Surrender na Kare.


Arz kiya hai…jara gaur farmaiya ga
Shayri likhna koi masti nahi
Shayri likhna koi masti nahi
Shayri karna koi sasti nahi
Aur jo ladki tumare samne hasti nahi
Samjho ke wo brush barabar karti nahi.


Husband: Raja Dasarath Ke 3 Rani Thi.
Wife: To Kya?
Husband: To Mai 2 Shaadiyan Aur Kar Sakta Hu.
Wife: Draupadi Ka Naam Suna Hai?
Husband: Tu Bhi Na Pagli Dil Pe Le Leti Hai!


Whatsapp comedy messages

Our spy whatsapp msgs are Cool in nature that is most commonly searched by the Whatsapp users. Here is the best Cool, sad Whatsapp Status Quotes On Life In Hindi that you must have if you are an active Whatsapp user. All these images or DP’s are available in free of cast that you can use for your Whatsapp platform.

Newly Married Couple
Biwi : Aaj tum udaas kyu ho?
Husband : Meri Maa or Bahen alag ho gai hain.
Biwi : Koi baat nahin ab me aagai hun na,
Tumhari Maa Bahen ek kar dungi


Sharifon Mein Koi Chor Nahi Hota,
Khwabon Me Koi Aur Nahi Hota,
Library Me Koi Shor Nahi Hota,
Sawan Me Aajkal ‘Mor’ Nahi Hota,
Dhandhe Me Koi 100% Pure Nahi Hota,
Par Ek Baat Ki Guarantee Hai,
Jo Raheta Hai Woh,
Life Me Kabhi Bore Nahi Hote..


Whatsapp Status Quotes On Life In Hindi romantic messages -

Raat chup hai magar chand khamosh nahi,
Kaise kahoon aaj phir hosh nahin,
Is tarah dooba hoon teri mohabbat ki gahrai mein,
Hath mein jaam hai aur peena ka hosh nahin.


Apni nazar se na dekh apni khubsurti ko,
Tjhe heera bhi pathar lagega,
Log kehte hain tu chand ka tukda hai,
Magar tu meri nazar se dekh chand tera tukda lagega.


Tere naam ko apne hontho pe sajaya hai maine,
Teri ruh ko apne dil mein basaya hai maine,
Duniya tumhe dhondte dhondte ho jayegi pagal
Dil ke aise kone mein chhupaya hain maine.


Pyar mein koi dil todta hai,
Zindagi mein koi bharosa todta hai,
Zindagi jeena to koi gulab se sikhe,
Jo khud tutkar do dilon ko jodta hai..


Ishq ne hume benaam kar diya,
Har khushi se hume anjaan kar diya,
Humne to kabhi nahi chaha ke hume bhi mohabbat ho,
Lekin aap ki ek nazar ne hume nilaam kar diya.


Tere naam se Mohabbat ki hai,
Tere Ehsaas se Mohabbat ki hai,
Tum mere pass nahi phir bhi,
Tumhari yaad se Mohabbat ki hai,
Kabhi Tum ne bhi mujhe yaad kiya hoga,
Maine un lamhat se mohabbat ki hai,
Tum se milna to ek khwab sa lagta hai,
Maine Tumhare intezar se mohabbat ki hai..


Apke aane se zindagi kitni Khubsurat hai,
Dil mein basi Hai jo woh aapki hi surat hai,
Dur jaana nahi humse khabhi Bhulkar bhi,
Hame har kadam Par aapki zarurat hai.


Dil Ki Hasrat Zuban Pe Aane Lagi
Tune Dekha Aur Zindagi Muskurane Lagi
Yeh Ishq Ki Inteha Thi Ya Deewangi Meri
Har Soorat Mein Soorat Teri Nazar Aane Lagi.


Wo aksar humse poochte the..
Zindagi kya or maut kya hai??
Hum dil hi dil mein kehte the,
Tujhe paa liya to zindagi, tujhe kho diya to maut..!!


Baandh rakha Hai Teri Yaad Ne maazi Se Mujhe,
Warna Guzre Huwe lamhaat mein Kya rakha Hai.
Meri takmeel teri Zaat Se Hi Mumkin Hai,
Tu Alag Ho to meri Zaat mein Kya rakha Hai.


Dhup Tez hai paas Saya bhi nahi,
Dard Aisa hai ki Rona Aaya bhi nahi,
Tere siwa kisiko maine Apna Mana hi nahi,
Kyunki kisiko Aap Jaisa Rab Ne Banaya hi nahi,


Gujarati whatsapp messages

Darek manas Hava ma udi rahyo che
to Jamin par Aatali badhi bhid kem Chhe..?


Jyare Kai Na Hoy Tyare Tamaru Menejment Ane Jyarre Badhu j Hoy Tyare
Tamaru Vartan Tamari Safalata No Aayno Chhe..


BHul Kari Ne Pastavu Saru….Ane..
Bhul Karava Karata Bhulo Thi Bachavu so Darajje Saru


Bija Koi Pan Sadgun Karta
Bijani Vat Shanti Thi Sambhlvano Sadgun
Bahu O6a Manso Ma Hoy Che


Manas aakhi Duniya same ladi sake che,
pan Potana Angat vyakti same ladi sakto nathi.
Karan k Teni same tene Jitvu nathi hotu pan Jivvu hoy che


Gujarati special
Girl : hu kevi dekhav chu?.
Boy : ??
Girl : aa vari su
Boy : bekar


Chhe Baraf Ni Ak Khubi Manas Ma Pan…!!
Koi Ni Lagani Ni Hunf Male To Tarat Ogali Jay Chhe,,!!!


Badhi j kalao ma jivan ni kala best Che,
Sari rite jivi jane te j sacho kalakar.


Kon kahe che prem 1 j var thay che,
Hu to tane jetli var jou chu etli var thay che..


Bolya kare a maitri,
chup rahe a prem
milan karave a maitri,
judai satave a prem
hasave a maitri,
radave a prem,
to pan loko maitri mukine kem kare chhe prem??


DOSTI evi karjo k jema shabdo ochha ne samaj vadhara hoy viwad occha ne sneh
vadhara hoy Swas ochha ne Vishwas vadhre hoy purawa ochha ne dost vadhare hoi..


Sad whatsapp messages

Pee hai sharab har gali har dukan se,
Ek dosti si ho gai hai sharab ke jaam se,
Guzre hain hum ishq mein kuch aise mukam se,
Ke nafrat si ho gai hai mohabbat ke naam se.


Ruthi Jo Zindagi To Mana Lenge Hum
Mile Jo Gam Vo Seh Lenge Hum
Bus Aap Rehna Hamesha Sath Humare To
Nikalte Hue Aansuo Mein Bhi Muskura Lenge Hum


Na Paas Jaane Deta Hai Na Door Us Se Hone Deta Hai,
Na Dil Se Mere Noor Uska khone Deta Hai.
Na Jaane Kaisi Likhi Hai Kismat Khuda Ne Meri,
Na Dil Se Muskurane Deta Hai Na Khul Kar Mujhe Rone Deta Hai.


Kis Baat Ka Marham Denge Yaar,
Jab Haal Hamara Na Jaane Koi,
Sab Dekhte Hain Upri Dikhave Ko Hi,
Mere Dil Ka Dard Na Pahchane Koi…


Dil ke dard ko dil todne wale kya jana,
Pyar ki rasmo ke yeh zamane wale kya jane,
Hoti hai kitni takliff kabar ke niche,
Yeh upar se phool charane wale kya jane.


Nazar chahti hai didaar karna,
dil chahta hai pyaar karna,
kya batayein is dil ka aalam,
naseeb mein likha hai intezar karna.


Pehla Sa Wo JunooN!
Wo Mohabbat Nahi Rahi!
Kuch Kuch Sambhal Gaye Han
Tumhari Duaa Se Hum!

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